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Tax Time for SME's

What is a Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper at its core is someone who literally keeps the books. However, modern day bookkeepers can wear many hats, often with services interchangeable (to a point) with accountants. Where bookkeepers can not fill the accounting shoes, the services are complimentary.

What Accounting Software Should I Use?

For some businesses this is a HUGE and important question. With so many great software options out there, which one is the best? More importantly, the best for you and your business?

The first action you should take is think about your requirements and write them down. To achieve your answer, start with the basics: Who? What? Where? How?


GST at a glance can seem quite simple, but dive in and very quickly you can get swallowed up like Alice in Wonderland or Alice in Taxland. In this blog I am going to attempt to explain the very basics so that those who may be pulling their hair out in frustration and confusion can have the foundations to build their GST knowledge.