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Accounting Made Simple.

We provide a full range of accounting, tax and business advisory services to Small to Medium sized businesses and individuals.

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We love accounting so you don't have to.

McGregor Accounts has you covered as professional accountants, tax advisors and bookkeepers based in the Inner West, Sydney with over a decade of experience. SMBs and individuals can take advantage of our full suite of accounting, tax, and business advising services. When it comes to achieving their financial and professional objectives, our customers may rest assured in the hands of our devoted team of client managers.

About Us

We're the right choice.

We know you will benefit greatly from working with McGregor Accounts. From tax, accounting and bookkeeping to administration, payroll, human resources, and more: our team of specialists are here to help you with it all. Since your needs are as individual as you are, we provide a comprehensive menu of options tailored for you.


McGregor Accounts provides world-class service and experience to individuals, and firms of all sizes, from those just getting started to those looking to streamline their daily operations. You deserve a group of knowledgeable individuals that can respond to your specific needs and provide effective solutions that will propel your organisation forwards.


Tax, Management Accounting, Bookkeeping, BAS, Payroll, Human Resource Management, and more are just a few of the areas in which McGregor Accounts excels for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals.


Since our founding in 2018, we have aided numerous individuals and organisations much like yours. It is our hope that by covering every base, from inception to daily operations, you will more quickly discover your true potential.

About Us, Lets Meet
Dominique McGregor

Dominique McGregor

Client Manager

Dominique McGregor, a highly skilled and dedicated professional in the accounting domain, holds a postgraduate qualification in the field along with various certifications. With a solid educational foundation and extensive experience, Dominique offers expertise in financial reporting, tax planning, bookkeeping, and payroll. Her passion lies in assisting business clients, providing tailored solutions while staying updated on the latest tax regulations. Dominique's commitment to continuous improvement, embracing technology, and building strong client relationships further enhances her ability to execute client goals.

Jordan McGregor

Jordan McGregor

Client Manager

Jordan McGregor, a CPA with a Masters of Tax, B. Bus and a decade of industry experience, specialises in serving individual tax clients. With a deep understanding of tax laws and a meticulous approach, Jordan provides personalised and comprehensive tax solutions. His genuine enthusiasm for working with clients, coupled with his commitment to staying updated on the latest tax reforms, allows Jordan to offer proactive advice and tailored tax planning strategies. Clients appreciate Jordan's friendly demeanor, exceptional customer service, and dedication to delivering optimal tax outcomes. With his expertise and passion, Jordan McGregor is a trusted advisor and valuable asset to our firm.

Meet the team

Accounting Advisor

Everything is in one place.

Your dedicated advisor will help you avoid costly mistakes, uncover growth-building opportunities, and give you practical advice on how to take control of your business or personal tax.

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